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1.       Q: What is the website of UCAS Libraries?


A: The website of UCAS Libraries is http://lib.ucas.ac.cn/.



2.       Q: What is the website of NSLC?


A: The website of NSLC is http://www.las.ac.cn/.



Service policy


1. .如何办理国科大图书馆借阅证?

1.       Q: How can I apply for a UCAS library card?


A:  (1) Student campus cards and staff ID cards can be used as library cards after authorization.


(2) NSLC card:Student campus cards and staff ID cards


2. 国科大图书馆读者借阅管理的账号和密码是什么?

2.       Q: What is a reader's account name and password for UCAS library check-in/out?


A: Open the homepage of library and click on List of Loans. The account name is a student's campus card number, and the default password, LAS or the last six digits of your citizen ID (if the last digit is a letter, use zero instead). If both fail, consult the information desk. Logging onto this system allows you to check the list of books borrowed and loan history as well as to renew or reserve a book.


3. 忘记了图书馆的登录密码怎么办?

3.       Q: What if I forget my library account password ?


A: If you did not change the default password, you can try LAS or the last six digits of your citizen ID (if the last digit is a letter, use zero). If you changed your password, please contact the information desk to reset your password.


4. 国科大各类临时人员如何办证?

4.       Q: How do non-staff/visitors to UCAS apply for a library card?


A: Visitors to UCAS can apply for a temporary campus card at the Campus Card Management Center (please contact the Campus Card Management Center at 69671144 for more details). Temporary campus card holders may borrow three books once at most, with a loan period of 30 days and no renewal.



Database directory and accessing



1.       Q: Which databases does UCAS provide access to?


A: The database directory can be found on http://www.las.ac.cn/webdb/GKD1.jsp. You can visit and search the databases from the following links: http://www.las.ac.cn/webdb/GKD2.jspor http://www.las.ac.cn/webdb/webDB_byOrg.jsp?org_id=311053.



2.       Q: How can I log into the databases using the UCAS campus wireless network?


A: You can visit and use the databases through the campus wireless network. You can search and connect to the UCAS wireless network on the campus, and then use the automatically allocated username and password to log into the databases.



3.       Q: Do I have access to all the databases from the graduate student apartments?


A: Graduate students within UCAS campus IP address range (including Yuquanlu Campus, Zhongguancun Campus, Aoyuncun Campus and Yanqihu Campus) have unlimited access to all the databases purchased and subscribed by UCAS, but the data thus consumed will be deducted from personal data quota. All the enrolled students enjoy a free 10 GB data allowance. For inquiries regarding UCAS network log-in or data allowance issues, please consult the Network Center at 88256622/69671960.


4. 在国科大如何登录使用中国知网?

4.       Q: How can I log into the Chinese National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI) at UCAS?

答:在国科大可以使用中国知网(www.cnki.net),但是由于中国知网限制并发用户数为50个,如果用户一时登录不上,可换时间再登录。(账号:zky311053 密码:123456)。

A: At UCAS you have access to CNKI (www.cnki.net). However, as CNKI limits the number of concurrent users to 50, you may need to try later if you have problem with logging in. (User name: zky311053; password: 123456).



5.       Q: What is the Bailian Cloud Library? Can I use Bailian Search from off-campus IP addresses? How can I get a Bailian user account?




A: The Bailian Cloud Library includes a great number of metadata databases in both Chinese and foreign languages. Through these metadata repositories you can use the cloud library service to obtain access to the resources and services from other libraries nationwide.

Only users from UCAS campus IP addresses have access to Bailian. Off-campus IP addresses are not able to use this service.

You are automatically logged into Bailian with a UCAS IP address, so there is no need to register. You can find the user guide to Bailian from the following link: http://vdisk.weibo.com/s/F8aDy7t_V9p47. For queries regarding the use of Bailian, please consult the Main Service Desk at 69671939 or Ms. Zhang at 69671936.



6.       Q: How can I request a document delivery using Bailian academic search?


A: UCAS can help students and staff on the four campuses (Yuquanlu Campus, Zhongguancun Campus, Yanqihu Campus and Aoyuncun Campus) apply for a CSDL E-key. For E-key application and account renewal, please contact Yanqi Library staff Zhou at 69671945. Readers on Yuquanlu Campus please consult the Service Desk in Yuquan Library at 88256089. Students not from the four campuses please contact your own institutes.



7.       Q: How can I use the campus network to download documents off-campus during vacations?


A: Electronic documents can be available via the platform created by NSLC at http://stpaper.cn, using UCAS email address and password.



8.    Q: Does UCAS have access to the SciFinder database? How can I use the database?

答:国科大购买了Scifinder数据库,您在国科大任何一个校区的IP 范围内,都可以使用该数据库。此数据库的访问方式是:IP地址+实名注册用户名+密码,首次使用注册,请联系本学院教学主管老师或图书馆张老师69671936。

A: UCAS has purchased the SciFinder database. You will have access to the database from any UCAS campus IP address. To visit the database, you need a UCAS campus IP address, a real-name registered user name and a password. For first-time registration, please contact your program director or library staff Zhang at 69671936.



Borrowing a Book



1.       Q: How can I borrow or renew a book?


A: UCAS students with a campus card can use the self-service machine in the library to borrow and return books. To renew a book, you can either renew online by clicking the "Reader Check-out Management" service on the library website (lib.ucas.ac.cn) or renew in person by using the self-service machine in the library.


2. 研究生一年级时在国科大办理的文献情报中心借阅证回所后是否可继续使用?

2.       Q: Can I continue to use my NSLC library card issued in the first year after I return to my own institute?


A: The library card issued in your first year remains valid after you return to your institute. However, it needs to be validated after one year of use. You should take your library card and student ID card to the Service Desk on the second floor of NSLC for validation before continuing to use it.


3. 我查到一本书,馆藏地是中国科学院大学,请问中国科学院大学指的是哪个图书馆?雁栖图书馆还是玉泉图书馆?

3.       Q: I have searched for a book and its location shows UCAS. Which library does this refer to? Yanqi Library or Yuquan Library?


A: When the location says UCAS, it may refer to either Yanqi Library or Yuquan Library. You can find the specific location from the stack name. (e.g. Yanqi Original Edition Stacks refers to Yanqi Library; Yuquan Chinese Circulation Stacks refers to Yuquan Library).


4. 国科大如何进行图书馆际互借?

4.       Q: How does interlibrary loan work?





凭校园一卡通领取图书,雁栖校区领取地点为雁栖图书馆三层流通书库,联系人:吴老师69671945 ;玉泉校区领取地点为科研楼二层玉泉图书馆服务台,联系电话:88256089。


A: 1). You should make sure that the requested book (both paper copies and electronic copies) is unavailable in UCAS Libraries.

  2). Log into the document delivery and interlibrary loan system at http://dds.las.ac.cn/, and register and create your own account.

  3). Search the collections in NSLC and find the location of the book.

  4). Request an interlibrary loan through the Document Delivery and Interlibrary Loan system. The request should be sent no later than 10:30 a.m. on Mondays. The requested books can be collected after 3 p.m. on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

The campus card should be presented when the requested book is collected. For readers on Yanqihu Campus, the pick-up location is the Circulation Stacks on the third floor of Yanqi Library, and the contact person is Mr. Wu (Tel: 69671945). For readers on Yuquanlu Campus, the pick-up location is the Service Desk (Tel: 88256089) at Yuquan Library on the second floor of the Scientific Research Building. For further queries please contact the Main Service Desk at 69671939.


5. 国科大雁栖校区是否可以通过馆际互借服务借阅玉泉校区的图书?如何办理?

5.       Q: Can students at Yanqihu Campus borrow books from Yuquanlu Campus through the interlibrary loan service? If so, how?


A: Students at Yanqihu Campus can register with the Service Desk (Tel: 69671945) in the Circulation Stacks on the third floor of Yanqi Library. Students at Yuquanlu Campus can register with the Service Desk (Tel: 88256089) in Yuquan Library on the second floor of the Scientific Research Building. The books are normally delivered on Wednesdays or Thursdays (subject to changes in the school bus schedule). Students will receive a call to collect requested books. The pick-up and return location is the same as the place where students registered. The loan period for library loans also applies to interlibrary loans. 



Document Delivery


1.       国科大的学生怎样申请文献传递?

1.    Q: How can I apply for a document delivery?









A: 1) Click the link http://dds.las.ac.cn/to register. Please choose "Graduate School Libraries" on the member library list and use your UCAS email address to register; registration using other email addresses are not accepted.

2) If you want to use the email address from your own institute, please make sure that the member library you choose the same institute as the domain suffix of your institutional email address shows.

3) Your account is automatically given 10 yuan experience credit upon registration. If the credit is used up, you need to top up your account with the library staff.

4) Receipts are issued when you top up your account. You can request to refund your unused balance with the receipts when you leave school, but receipts that have been invoiced are nonrefundable.

5) Contacts:

Yanqi Library: Tel: 69671936,E-mail:zhangjielong@ucas.ac.cn

               Tel: 69671945,E-mail:wys@ucas.ac.cn

Yuquan Library: Tel: 88256870,E-mail:pengxiaoju@ucas.ac.cn



2.    Q: Does the 10 yuan go to all UCAS students' document delivery account?


A: Yes, all the UCAS students who register with the document delivery system will be credited 10 yuan upon registration. 


3. 国科大学生能否下载本所学位论文电子版全文?

3.    Q: Can UCAS students download theses and dissertations written by graduates from their own institutes?


A: Students who are not on the four campuses can download theses and dissertations written by graduates from their own institutes using their institutional IP addresses. Theses and dissertations written by graduates on the four campuses can be downloaded using UCAS campus IP addresses.


4. 国科大图书馆是否收藏了本部学生的学位论文的纸本?

4.    Q: Do UCAS libraries have paper copies of theses and dissertations written by graduates on the four campuses?


A: At present, UCAS libraries do not collect paper copies of theses or dissertations from students on the four campuses. Only some donated theses and dissertations can be found in the libraries. You can search theses and dissertations written by CAS students via the NSLC website (www.las.ac.cn) by clicking on CAS Theses and Dissertations Database from the Service Directory list. If you enter the title of the dissertation and search by title, you will find the detailed information.


5. 国科大本部学生的学位论文是否在院文献情报中心有收藏?能否借阅?

5.    Q: Does NSLC have collections of theses and dissertations from students on the four campuses? Are they available to be borrowed?


A: Paper copies of theses and dissertations from students on the four campuses are collected by NSLC and kept on the fifth floor. You can read or make copies inside the library but are not allowed to borrow or take them out of the library. You may also request a scanned copy via the Document Delivery system.


6 .国科大期刊论文和学位论文的论文查重服务是否开通?

6.    Q: Does UCAS provide plagiarism check service for journal and dissertations papers?


A: The UCAS plagiarism check service for journal and dissertation papers is unavailable at the moment.



Electronic Reading Room



Q: How can I use the Electronic Reading Room at Yanqi Library?


A: Swipe your card on the Lianchuang Terminal at the (218 and 219) entrances of the Electronic Reading Room. Choose a computer and enter your account and password as required. The account name and default password are your student ID number. The Electronic Reading Room is open to students and staff for free, but the data thus consumed will be deducted from personal data quota.